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You can provide a good user experience for your visitors by keeping your website under this size limit.

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Showcase of my top projects

Here are my best projects that will give you a feel about my skill. All links to the source code will take you to GitHub.


This is a responsive and accessible website with a total of seven pages. It has a hamburger menu and a contact form. Both work with and without JavaScript.

This is also a challenge with the most difficult level (Guru level). I have written eight things I learned while building this project.

Source code - Designo

My Team

This is a fully functional three-page website. It has a hamburger menu for mobile users. It is a responsive website with fluid typography and spacing.

I built the site with progressive enhancement in mind. Meaning, the site also works without JavaScript.

Source code - My Team

Dev Finder

This website has a dark mode and a light mode. It also adapts to the user's preferred color scheme. It has a search feature to find a GitHub user.

This challenge made me learn how to create an accessible theme switcher. I also learned about asynchronous programming.

Source code - Dev Finder

Pricing Component

This is a pricing component with a toggle button. I make sure that the toggle button is accessible to keyboard and screen readers.

I tried to build the website progressively. It means the CSS and the JavaScript is only for enhancing the experience. Without those things, the site should be able to function. In short, the site will still make sense with just HTML.

Source code - Pricing Component

Help people to get better at coding

I have given over 1500 suggestions on Frontend Mentor to help developers gain knowledge and improve their skills. I want developers to be aware that accessibility should be the default choice when developing websites.

You can see my written communication style by reading my suggestions. This way you can get a glimpse of my personality.

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Vanza Setia

Need a frontend developer? Look no further!

I help people to create websites and my approach is different because I make sure that they are fast and easy to use.

I am looking for a full time frontend developer for a junior level position. But, I am open to all kinds of opportunities. Learn more about me.

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