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Why Improving Code Is a Good Way to Learn to Code

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Student has no chance

I was a student. As a student, I did my homework. After that, I submitted it to my teacher. Then, my teacher gave it back to me with a score. That is the cycle.

I did not have a chance to fix or improve my homework after being checked by my teacher.

Now in coding, I get the chance to fix what I have worked on. No final step. I can keep improving and adding things.

I can fix everything. If I do not like my commit history, I can do a rebase or git reset --hard. If I do not like the look of my website, then I can change the styling. When I get feedback from people, I can apply it. I get unlimited opportunities to fix and improve my code.

Learn to code by coding

I can not get better at coding without coding. I need to write some code. I need to make bugs. I need to fix the bugs.

The idea is improving your code is the ultimate way to get better. It is the easiest way to go above and beyond as a learner.

To make a project that is impressive, you need to spend some time improving it. Not rushing yourself to keep creating a new project.

When you start creating a project, you make it with the knowledge that you already have. As you keep learning, you will know a better way to do things. But, knowing to do things better is not enough. You need to implement it. Use it or lose it.

Quality matters. So if you get the opportunity to get feedback, I recommend applying those feedback to improve your code. Do not ignore it. Do not just say "I will do it later". You need to make sure you improve the quality of your code.

Special gift

Coding gives you a chance to fix your mistakes. No limit. You can make as many mistakes as you want and yet you can still fix them. This is something that not everyone has.

If I cook something, then the food does not taste good, and I can not try to fix it. I can only try again by making a new dish. While in coding, I do not need to create a new project. I can fix the existing project by adding or removing code.

That is a gift as a developer. Make bugs, fix bugs.