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Tips for Improving Website Performance

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Use text whenever possible. Text is the fastest thing to render.

Avoid images whenever possible. If you need to use images, make sure you optimize them by reducing the size of the image. Squoosh can help you to optimize your images.

Avoid third-party code whenever possible. In other words, the production code is 100% your code. Third-party may contain a lot of stuff that your website does not use.

Avoid using frameworks. You should start a project without a framework. Use a framework when you have reasons to do so. Do not use a framework because it is popular or because everyone is using it. Do not bring everyone to justify your choice.

Avoid animations whenever possible. Animations can cause lags on low-end devices. My device is a low-end device so when I visit a website that has a lot of animations, my browser will stop immediately.

If you want to go extreme:

The point is less is more. Less stuff on your website means more performance for your website.