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Theory of Everything

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Website is everything.


You need to make sure that you can keep your stuff from strangers or burglars.

In web development, you need to make sure that your website is secure. One of the ways to make your website secure is to use HTTPS.


The tools that you are using should be accessible to you. You can use them such as a keyboard or a pen.

In web development, you need to make sure your interfaces are accessible. Your components can be understood by the users. Also, your users can use them.


Each person is unique.

Each website is unique. A website with a nostalgic theme. A website with many ads. A website for fun. A website with an interesting history. Many more.

Social support

Human needs to interact with other humans. Humans can not live alone.

Website needs another website to be discoverable. A website can link to each other. A website can also interact with another website through Webmention.


Human needs a house to stay.

Website needs a browser.


You can find a collection of books at the library.

On the internet, you can find knowledge through websites. You can use a search engine to find something that you are looking for.


You need money to buy all the needs for daily life.

A website needs money to buy a custom domain, a server, buy cellular data or subscribe to a Wi-Fi provider to access the website, and more.


You can find and click buttons.

On the internet, you can find and click buttons too on websites.


You can write a letter with a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

On the internet, you can use electronic mail to send a message on a website.

Magnifying glass

You can use magnifying glass to make something small look bigger.

On a website, you can use a magnifying glass to search for something. I am talking about the magnifying glass on a search engine website.


You give your address if someone wants to visit you.

If someone wants to visit you on the Internet, you can give them your web address.


The website is built based on a real-life foundation.