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The "Study" Label

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My sibling learns to drive a car. There is a paper behind the car that says "Study".

One day, the car broke down in the middle of a traffic jam. Also, it was noon so the weather was really hot. What happened was people were giving advice on what to do when they were driving past our car. Usually, people will be shouting and getting angry as they pass by our car and shouted, "Why do you stop?!".

My father told me that we are lucky because we have the "Study" sign. Otherwise, people would be shouting at us.

When it comes to programming, that is the same. If you say that you are an expert but you are not as expected, people will get disappointed. But, when you were a beginner, people will get friendlier and more tolerant. People treat you based on your label.

The same goes for me. When I was in high school, the teachers always expected me that they understood what they explained to me. So they often asked me questions.

If I could not answer the question, my classmates would say, "If Vanza can not answer it then it is impossible for us."

If I could answer the question, the teacher would say, "Look, Vanza understands what I explained, why don't you understand it?"

The taller the tree grows, the stronger the wind blows.