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The New Era in My Life

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For the past two years, I have failed the entrance exam twice in a row. This year in May was my last chance to take the exam to get into university.

I studied as best as I could even though I thought I would fail like the last two years. But, I did it. I passed the exam and got accepted at a university.

The university is so far away from my house. It is on a different island. So I have to rent a room in a boarding house near the university.

With that said, I will not be able to do Frontend Mentor challenges or write blog posts because I can not bring the desktop device that I use.

I am going to go to university in late July or early August.

I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me by liking, starring my GitHub repositories, chatting with me, following me on social media, and other ways. I really appreciate that. Those are my motivations to keep going.

I am sad that I will not be able to write blog posts. I will not be able to create a project and help people at Frontend Mentor. At the same time, I am happy that I am going to be able to continue my education.

I am not done with web development. This is not the end of my web development journey.


I do not mean that I will stop writing blog posts and coding forever. I mean that I will be temporarily unable to do so. That is why this is not the end.