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Text Website Is Cool

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I found Thricegreat's Webpage when I was browsing on No CSS Club.

That webpage mostly contains posts with TXT files. Most of the posts are short.

I try using PageSpeed to test the performance of a TXT post. The result is surprising.

Take a look at yourself — Result for - PageSpeed Insights


Thricegreat's Webpage is one of the incredible websites on Neocities.

Neocities has a collection of personal websites. Most of them are having nostalgic themes.

See the websites on Neocities — Neocities - Browse

Websites on Neocities are refreshing to see because they are different. They do not have the same pattern as the websites that I see every day—typical layout such as a big text with a paragraph below it and then a call-to-action button, wait, that is the layout of my website.

Neocities: Create your own free website!