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Text-Only Blog is Good

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Text is the fastest thing to be rendered on browsers. It loads faster than images. It also loads faster than videos.

Now, I want to talk about cover images or thumbnails. Usually, a blog post will have a cover image. The problem is the cover image has nothing to do with the blog. It consumes my cellular data for nothing.

I took a lot of time to create the cover images. I used Canva to design the cover images for my blog posts on CodeNewbie. So, I used a lot of my time for something useless.

The text-only blog is good. It is easy to create. It is easier to be fully conformance with WCAG version 2.1 than any other type of blog. It is very fast to be rendered. It allows users on a slow connection to gain knowledge. It saves money, especially for people who are in expensive data plans. It is good in many ways.


I got inspired to write this blog post after I read a blog post from Zain — Why have I made this blog text-only ?