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Strawberry Website

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Strawberry website is a website that is only beautiful on specific screen sizes. When the users use a different screen size or resize the browser's window, the website starts having issues.

Strawberry website is a website that contains amazing graphics but is slow to load.

Strawberry website depends on JavaScript too much. It has amazing functionality. But, when the JavaScript fails to load, it can not show anything. It becomes a blank page.

Strawberry website requires a lot of things. It can include the width of the screen size. If the user's screen size is not wide enough, the website will give you a notice. It can also be about the browsers. For example, the website requires Chromium browsers to function properly so if the users use Firefox, they will get a notice to use Google Chrome to access the website.

The inspiration is coming from "Strawberry Generation". You can learn more about strawberry generation — Strawberry generation - Wikipedia.