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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated

— Confucius

I would say: website is simple, but developers insist on making it complicated.

Do you know KISS? KISS stands for Keep It Simple and Short. But, KISS is not short enough.

The short version of KISS is KIS which stands for Keep It Simple.

KIS is better than KISS because:

Hmmm, I just realize that KIS is not simple enough. It contains three words. It can be hard for people to understand those words.

"S" is the simplest thing which stands for Simple.

To wrap up, we start from KISS, which turned out to be long and not simple. Now, we know that "S" is the real principle.

Yup, simple.

Not really.

Not everyone understands English. The word "simple" is not simple enough for people around the world.

The simplest thing is to have nothing.

No KISS, or KIS, or "S". Just nothing. Empty. Blank.

By the way, I should not write this blog post. I think it makes things complicated.