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Responsibility for Users’ Emotions

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As a web developer, you are not responsible for the users' emotions.

Your job is not to make everyone happy. You can not do that. I can not do that as well.

I find it strange that if I see a motto or a mission that says "Our job is to make our users happy". That is not possible. You do not need to make them happy. You need to make them buy and use your product.

The users decide whether they want to be happy or not. You can not control their emotions. The only thing that you can do is to influence your users to be happy.

For example, I should say, "I create a product that is easy to use at an affordable price". I should not say "I want my users to be happy with my product". So I try to do something that can make my users happy. If they are not happy with my product, that is fine. It is not my goal to make my users happy.

I follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make my website accessible. Not to make my users happy with my website.

In short, emotions are the responsibility of each and every individual. You control your emotions. You can not control other people's emotions. So do something that you can control.