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Progressive Enhancement Is Something You Do

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At first, you started learning web development from HTML.

Then, you learned how to make your first webpage look good by learning CSS.

You did not realize that you were doing progressive enhancement. You started enhancing your website with CSS.

Progressive enhancement means that a website degrades gracefully. So if the CSS fails to load, the page will still have some structure. The user-agent stylesheet comes to help. Also, in reader mode, the website will still make sense.

Another example is when one of the CSS features does not get supported, the design of the website will not break.

After that, you learned about JavaScript to make your webpage interactive.

Even your learning process is following the progressive enhancement concept. You start by learning to create a good page structure. Then, you start making it looks nice for people to see. After that, you make it to be able to respond based on the user's interaction.

You do the progressive enhancement. Or, you did that (?).