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My Website Is Listed Somewhere

Published on . is listed on The 11ty Bundle - Issue 3

How did I get listed there?

On 28 March 2023, I made a post on Mastodon with the 11ty hashtag.

You can see the post — 28 March 2023, Vanza Setia on Mastodon

It was amazing that for the first time on my Mastodon, I got notifications. Thanks to Eleventy for boosting my post and the awesome community.

Then, on 09 April 2023, Bob Monsour told me that my website would be added to the "Built with Eleventy" section in the next issue of The Eleventy Bundle.

Bob Monsour ( - Mastodon

The Eleventy Bundle is a collection of websites or projects that are built with Eleventy. I think I can use it to be a reference to improve my website.

Anyway, I forgot about it. Until 20 April 2023, I opened my Mastodon to make a post to tell that web accessibility should be taken step by step and shared my blog post.

You can see the post — 20 April 2023, Vanza Setia on Mastodon

Then, I remembered about The Eleventy Bundle. I checked the third Eleventy bundle or "The 11ty Bundle - Issue 3" and found my website there.