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This morning, I joined an event to walk for some kilometers. I walked with my family. Then, we stopped to eat chicken noodles. After that, we returned to the start line which was also the finish line.

The next event was a raffle. I had three numbers. The raffle was divided into four parts. There was a show between those parts.

The first show was wushu which was played by kids that were nine and ten years old with great music. I was amazed by their flexible move. But, I hated one thing.

The sound of the speakers was very loud. So loud that my chest pounding because of it. In the end, I could not fully enjoy the wushu.

Now, let me connect this with web development.

You can put music on your website. So you can have autoplay music or background music on your website.

The problem is the users can not turn it off. They may not like the music. Also, they may get surprised, especially if the music is frenzy and they are using headsets with 100% volume level.

I rarely found a website that had music, which was usually a personal website.

Music can be a problem. Also, you should not have autoplay music on your website.

If you insist to have music for your website, make sure you allow the users to turn it off.

For example, if you are making a game in a browser then I recommend giving the option to turn off the background music. Even better, you can give two options to control the background music and the sound effects.

An example of a game in a browser is Doodle Champion Island Games Begin!

As a side note, Doodle Champion Island Games is a great game.