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Make Everything Readable

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A brochure or even a website has big text to advertise something. Then, when it comes to telling the "truth", they try to hide it.

For example, someone gives you a brochure. Next, you read the big text that tells you about a discount on a product. Then, you try your best to be able to read a very small text that says, "Terms and conditions apply".

The problem is the text is too small. Sometimes you do not even notice it.

The company is trying to be good—by offering something at a cheap price. But, they do not want to be too good, so they put some conditions and make the text "Terms and conditions apply" very small. So small that an ant is bigger than the text.

That is a common "trick" for an advertisement. But, the text "Terms and conditions apply" must be readable. At least make it 16 CSS pixels.

Please, make everything readable.