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Just Do Nothing

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A few days ago, I could not sleep. I did not feel sleepy even though it was already midnight. So what I did was I sat down on my bed and wondered. Then, when I finally got sleepy I laid down my body.

Now, I think that is better than watching random YouTube videos or scrolling on social media.

I try to connect that experience with web development.

Let us say, Wong is a front-end developer. Wong has a perfectly working website. It looks good. It is responsive. Also, the users love it. Nice.

Wong does not need to write any code. Everything is great.

Then, an idea to show the content with a carousel comes to Wong.

What do you think Wong needs to do?

My answer is to not do anything. Just do nothing.

Wong can choose to do something in real life. Wong can have a party or learn new skills. If Wong wants to learn to create a carousel, that is fine. But, Wong should not implement the carousel to the perfectly fine website.

Wong should know that the carousel requires a lot of code to write and is hard to make accessible.

The only way for Wong to prevent having any problems is to not write code. If Wong does not write code, Wong also does not create issues.

As a side note, Wong is a character that I made up for this blog post.


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