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I-Will-Do-It-Later Replies on Frontend Mentor

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I like giving feedback on Frontend Mentor. I am always happy when people reply to me back with a thank-you message. But, something is bothering me.

Most of the time—not always—people like to say "I will apply it later" or "I will apply it to my future projects".

The problem is they are not actually applying it. They just said it. So what happened next was they did another project and they made the same mistakes.

People that replied with "I will apply it for my future projects" are confusing to me. The feedback that I gave is for this project. Well, some feedback can be applied to many projects. But, the idea is this feedback is for this solution, not your future projects.

How can such replies be common? I want to take a look at how I was replying to feedback. I want to see how I was replying to feedback when I was just a new member at Frontend Mentor.

It turned out that my past self was doing the same thing. I said to people, "I will make the changes as soon as possible".

Why did I say that? I felt that I needed to reply to them as soon as possible. I felt that if I did not reply or was late to reply, I made a horrible mistake.

I think they might feel what I felt. The most important thing is to reply to the person that is giving feedback.

Now, I realize that I do not need to reply to them as fast as possible. I realize that they are not waiting for me to reply to their feedback either. The most important thing is I am not obligated to reply to their message. I can choose to either reply or not at all.

That is true because as I give feedback, I do not expect people to reply. If they reply, I might already forget that I gave feedback to them. So, if they reply to me after a week, then it is not a problem at all. If they reply to me after they improve their projects, it is totally fine.

Anyway, the point of the feedback is to tell them how to improve their solution. That is the main point. Getting a nice-thank-you message is a bonus.

Also, if they never apply the feedback, they do not gain anything. They do not get the maximum benefit that they can get on Frontend Mentor.

The point is to take an action. It is okay if you do not reply to people who give you feedback. They might not remember you either.