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I Say Good Bye to Mark Elliot Zuckerberg’s Product

Published on .

Today, I delete my Facebook account.

I need to wait for 30 days until my Facebook account gets deleted.

I had been using it for over a year. Then, I got nothing good. I got no friends. I only got tagged by a person that is my friend on Facebook, only on Facebook.

I created my Facebook account in 2021. After that, I searched for my old friends and invited them to be my friends on Facebook. I actually did not want to do that. But, I remembered when I created a Facebook account without any friends and activity, the account would be gone. So to prevent that from happening again I invited anyone—including my old friends and strangers—to be my friends on Facebook.

I remembered someone messaging me and asking, "What are you doing here?" after I invited some people. I did not reply to it.

Next, I used Facebook to share my completed projects. For example, after I created a website or I wrote a new blog post, I shared it on Facebook.

My expectation was my posts would get promoted to developers at Facebook. I thought the algorithm will help me. What was happening is not as expected. My posts have no interaction. I only got one comment on one of my posts.

I did not install the application on any devices.

I did not interact with people there.

I did not scroll on Facebook. I was just posting.

Then, I thought, "Why do I need a Facebook account if I do not get anything from it?" So I delete it now.

Before deleting the account, I tried to change the name of my Facebook account from "Vanza Setia" to "Delete Facebook". Then, I got a warning. It told me that I must use my real name. Yeah. Whatever.

One more thing. I followed the Delete Facebook Guide to delete my Facebook account.