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I Like Web Clubs

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I decided to let my website join some of the web clubs.

I did not expect to learn anything. But, I learned how to use an email with Git when I wanted to join the 1MB Club.

That is my experience about joining web clubs.

Now, I give you a list of all the web clubs that I know.

250KB Club

This is the smallest type of page-weight web club. If your website is less than 256KB (Kilobyte) compressed size then, I recommend joining this club.

The 250kb Club

512KB Club

This could be another option if your site has less than 512KB in size. If your website can join the 250KB Club, you can try joining this club too.

512KB Club | A showcase of lightweight websites.

1MB Club

This is the biggest type of page-weight web club. If it is hard to make your site less than 512KB, then 1MB Club can be a choice.

1MB Club: A collection of web pages weighing in less than 1MB

Darktheme Club

I like dark themes. My website has a dark theme. So, I decided to make my website join the dark theme club.

Darktheme Club | A showcase of dark themed websites.

No JS Club

If you are creating a static website then your website does not need JavaScript. I recommend joining this club to show that "no JavaScript, no problem!". | Promenade for JavaScript freed websites


If you have an HTML page, then that is the only thing that you have, then you can join this club. But, it looks like it is allowed if your site has one or two lines of CSS.

XHTML Club - Extreme HyperText Movement for Luddites

No CSS Club

This is the hardest club to join, I think. Having no CSS at all can be quite challenging for some people. For example, for someone who wants to impress the hiring manager or a freelancer.

If you have a website that is strictly HTML then this can be a great club to join.

No CSS Club


I realized something. These web clubs, with the exception of The Darktheme Club, exist because of the misuse of web technologies—CSS and JavaScript. For example, the page weight type of clubs exists because websites are getting heavier with no benefits for the users.

I have an idea for a new web club. How about a "No Image Club"? I think that is possible. If I can not use an image then SVG will be the option. Also, SVG is better than image. SVG is scalable, can be animated, and lighter.

The author can say that the club exists because of the bloated stock photos that serve no purpose.

Anyway, those are the web clubs that I know for now. You can send me an email if you know other web clubs. I will add it to the list.

Update: 29 March 2023

I discovered more web clubs.

10KB Club

I was wrong when I said 250KB Club is the smallest type of page-weight web club.

This is the smallest type of page-weight web club.

10 KB Club

RSS Club

If your website has an RSS feed, you can join this club.

Thank you Fabian Holzer for telling me about this club!

RSS Club -

Update: 17 April 2023

I found a new web club.

1KB Club

I was wrong again when I said 10KB Club is the smallest type of page-weight web club.

This is the smallest type of page-weight web club. Over 20 websites have already joined the club.

1KB Club

Update: 19 July 2023

I found a new web club.

Domain Name Hack Club

This web club is about a website with the domain hack to their name. In other words, your domain name and the top-level domain can be read as your name.

For example, if your name is John Doe and your domain name is john.doe or, you can join this club.

Domain Name Hack Club