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Do You Have a Question?

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Then, these websites have the answers.

Does my site deserve recognition?

I have a website—this is the website—and I do not know that my website is good enough. Then, this website can be the way for me to check the quality of my website.

Does My Site Deserve Recognition?

Does my site need HTTPS?

I use Netlify to host this website. It automatically provides my website with a certificate. But, do I actually need it? Then, I can know the answer by taking a look at the following website.

Does my site need HTTPS?

Should I use a carousel?

Microsoft uses a carousel for the homepage, I should probably use it too. But, it is hard to make.

Microsoft – Cloud, Computers, Apps & Gaming

Hmm, do I really need a carousel to show hiring managers that I know what I am doing? The answer is available on the following website.

Should I Use A Carousel?

Do I need a custom select?

The native dropdown menu is not looking good. I need to use a custom select. Then, I need to choose the one that is accessible. This way, I get a good-looking and accessible dropdown menu for my form design.

Well, not so fast.

Do I need a custom Select?

Can I use container queries?

By the time I am writing this, container queries only get supported in Chrome, Edge, and Opera behind the flags. In other words, it should not be used for production yet.

How do I know that? You can find the answer by accessing the following website.

Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Can I include <h1> inside <a>?

No, I can not. It is invalid HTML.

Check it yourself — Caninclude

Do I need a virtual private network (VPN)?

I do not want my Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows that I copy-paste code from GitHub or StackOverflow. I mean, I do not want my ISP to know that I am a developer. So, I should probably use a VPN.

Do I need a VPN?


The websites in this section are a bit different. They give you a statement instead of asking a question.

You might not need JavaScript

The following website does not cover things like:

It covers things that you can build with HTML and CSS only. But, I do not recommend blindly following it. Some of them are not accessible. Probably most of them.

You Might Not Need JavaScript

You might not need jQuery

Modern JavaScript is amazing. The fact that modern browsers support ECMAScript 2015 (ES6), makes writing modern JavaScript completely acceptable. It is also much more fun to write modern syntax than the old one.

For example, the arrow function makes writing functions simpler.

// You can do
const doSomething = () => makeSomething();

// Instead of
function doSomething() {

That might not be a good example. But, the following website can give you good examples.

You Might Not Need jQuery

You might not need a lot of things

Less is more.

You can see the collections of "You might not need" websites.

You Might Not Need *

you-dont-need/You-Dont-Need: People choose popular projects, often not because it applies to their problems

Still do not get the answer to your question?

Good luck with finding the answer. Or ask yourself, "Does your question need an answer?"

Update: 22 April 2023

I found another website that can give an answer.

What does my site cost?

You can check how expensive your website is for users in different countries.

What Does My Site Cost?