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Do Not Build Something That Will Last Forever

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You are not going to last forever. Also, nothing will last forever.

Do you know The Majapahit Kingdom? It was a kingdom that was almost as big as Indonesia today. Who knows that something that big and strong will disappear?

If I were alive when The Majapahit Kingdom exist, I would never think this gigantic kingdom would be gone in the future.

History has proven that nothing will last forever.

The same goes for a website. You can spend a lot of time building an awesome website with many features and Node Package Manager (NPM) dependencies. But, what about the future? Are you going to be able to keep maintaining the website?

You do not need to answer the questions. Those are something that you need to think about.

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Applications also will not last forever — Recently discontinued apps | AlternativeTo

A guide that can help you develop a website that can last for 10 years — This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web

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