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Bugs FiFi

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I create an application that can fix and find fake bugs. It is called Bugs FiFi.

Bugs FiFi is an open-source web application that is built with NextJS.

You can try it out.

Bugs FiFi — Automatically find and fix bugs with just one click

The source code is available on GitHub — vanzasetia/bugs-fifi: Bugs FiFi is an application that can find and fix bugs. You can fix all the bugs with just one click.

What I learned

I learned about useState.

At first, I wrote the useState's variables with curly brackets instead of square brackets. I thought it was an object.

const {bugs, setBugs} = useState(data);

It turned out that useState always returns an array with two items.

The first item is the data. The second item is a function to update the state and update the user interface with the updated state.

useState – React