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Access All Content without an Account

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You can find out what people are thinking without having to sign up or sign in.

Use Nitter to read tweets

You can use Nitter to read tweets from anyone.

For example, if you want to read tweets from Frontend Mentor, you can visit and enter the username of the Frontend Mentor's Twitter account which is frontendmentor.

Nitter is also lighter than Twitter. That can be a good thing when the internet connection is slow and you want to read tweets.

The official instance: nitter

A list of public instances: Instances · zedeus/nitter Wiki · GitHub

As a side note, I remember getting a popup when I was on Twitter when I was not signed in. Now, I try it again and I do not get a popup asking me to sign in or sign up.


You can see content on Mastodon and other instances without having to create an account.



You can use Scribe read articles from Medium.

Personal website

I never see a personal website that has blog posts asking to create an account. I also do not see the purpose of it.


Are there any front-end alternatives to LinkedIn?

I tried seeing a LinkedIn profile without an account—in a private window. Then, I got a popup asking me to sign in. I close the popup by clicking the "X" icon.

Then, I clicked one of the posts and got another popup without the "X" icon. It said, "Sign in to view more content".

I searched "linkedin frontend alternatives" and the results were blog posts about alternatives platform for LinkedIn.

I could not find any front-end alternatives for LinkedIn.

Update: 02 July 2023

You must be signed in and use Twitter to view tweets.

I try using Nitter instances, nothing is working.

Collections of front-end alternatives


GitHub - mendel5/alternative-front-ends: Overview of alternative open source front-ends for popular internet platforms (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, etc.)