The end of

I am announcing that will be shutting down on .

What is the current status of this website?

This website will remain as is until the domain expires which is on . I have deleted the source code of this website from all remote repositories.

Where is your content?

I delete most of my blog posts because they do not have good grammar and clarity. I, the author, even get confused. But I keep all the good quality content that I updated in the past few weeks, such as:

The source code of the old website still exists on my machine.

Why has this website become unavailable now?

I have three reasons.

I want to come back with better content

I have decided to make a long-term plan and wish to come back with better content that is clear and useful.

You deserve the best result from me.

I do not want to confuse you

I want to update the entire content on this website. I do that by deleting the blog post, changing the URL, changing the published date, and changing the title. Because those changes are breaking changes, I want to ensure I do not make any breaking changes before this website runs again. I want it to be stable first.

I make too many local changes

I get confused and decide to delete the .git folder. Visual Studio Code shows me that most files have the letter M (modified).

I can commit all changes one by one. But I do not want to spend hours creating a granular Git history. I do not want to keep doing git add . -p and then edit each hunk of changes. No, I do not want to do that.

Do you have any plans to bring this website back?

Yes, I have a plan. I want this website back on a Netlify subdomain, I do not want to buy a domain for one year. I want to buy a custom domain with at least three years of period. But I do not have the money now. College is expensive.

I do not promise you anything. But I wish I would be able to go back to writing blog posts even with just a Netlify subdomain.

I do not know when this website will be back to normal. Right now, you can bookmark to check its status.

Is your content now available elsewhere?

I am not publishing my blog posts elsewhere.